Sunday, July 19, 2009

The first bwahaha of a long list of bwahahas

So, I finally decided to get a blog. Mainly because I like the way it sounds. BLOOOOOOOGGG! It sounds like someone just threw up a wet hamster into someone's face! And that just makes me feel all tingly inside.

I've noticed that all the well-to-do super villains have been getting blogs as well. Dr. Whatever-his name is...that guy with the seven arms...I AM NOT A TREND CHASER! I just like being...modern. Do you see any other space aliens with top hats? Nooooo.

Which reminds me; people should wear more fancy hats. OR ELSE!

So...I guess I'll be talking about my everyday life more often; watching movies, meeting people, kidnapping said people, the usual. AND YOU WILL READ IT! Why? Because I have many fancy hats. And a rocket launcher that shoots gerbils. But enough about my hobbies. I'm tired of typing.

Forever your slimy super villain,
Rupert McSkeevy.


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